Craft butchered products and more in our case every day.

In our Butcher area we curate the top quality meats from around the US to serve our local clientele (the closer to Little Rock the better). We like to think of ourselves as the mad scientists of meat because we are constantly trying new recipes and aging processes.

We do take special requests for unique cuts of meat or sausage. Just give us a call and we can help you out.

Here are a few of the local farmers and producers we work with in our butcher department.

Rabbit Ridge Farms-Bee Branch
Ratchford Farms– Marshall
Rural Route Farms– London

In the Case
(all items subject to availability)

Fresh Pork
Fresh Sausages
Smoked Sausages
Specialty Sausages
Custom Sausages
House Bacon
Pork Belly

44 Farms Beef: (non-local)
Beef Tenderloin
Bone-In Ribeye
NY Strip
Hanger Steak
House Beef Bacon

Dry Aged Ribeye (Call for Availability)

House Made Meats
Bresaola (Dry Cured Beef)
Country Pâte
House Bacon
Beef Bacon
Smoked Turkey

Other Meats
Prosciutto di Parma
La Quercia Prosciutto Americano
Jambon de Paris (French Ham)
Genoa Salami
Olli Salami
Spanish Chorizo
Guanciale (Cured Pork Jowl)

Cheeses (Selection Varies)

In the Freezer
(all items subject to availability)

Grass-Fed Ground Beef
Ground Bison
Pork Chops
Veal Shanks
Veal Chops
Veal Knuckles
Lamb Shanks
Lamb Chops
Rack of Lamb
Canoe Cut Marrow Bones
Cross Cut Marrow Bones
Whole Ducks
Duck Breast
Duck Legs
Duck Fat
Short Ribs
Whole Chickens
Organ Meat